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The Internet of Things (IoT) has rapidly become one of the most familiar — and perhaps, most hyped — expressions across business and technology. That hype, however, is entirely justified and is backed up by the numbers.

We expect to see 25 billion Internet-connected things by 2020, and close to $2 trillion of economic benefit globally. These things are not general purpose devices, such as smartphones and PCs, but dedicated objects, such as vending machines, jet engines, connected soap dispensers and a myriad of other examples.
The way that the IoT is leveraged by enterprises varies substantially by industry. Retailers are incorporating RFID tags within their anti-theft tags to help manage inventory and help keep costs down. Within mining, some companies are using IoT to expand on “driverless trucks” or the autonomous haul trucks that can work round the clock, have lower costs, increased output, and reduced maintenance.

It is essential for enterprises to understand how the IoT can enable transformation of their business and industry.


Our Services

  • Reduced time to market for building IoT solutions
  • Gain analytical business insights based on real-time device data
  • Flexible and scalable business solution addressing device growth and integration with IT systems.


Why choose TechBridge as your business partner?

  • Supports efficient processing of high volume device events
  • Enterprise-grade security to protect information
  • Lightweight and looselycoupled platform architecture
  • Support for industry standard event processing and rules engine
  • Ease of integration with IT systems
  • Flexible to adapt to different device protocols
  • Cloud-ready solution

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